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- Moved Jedi member to Hall of Fame: Platinum.

- Moved Hall of Fame Jedi member to memberlist: Zed.

- Moved Sith member to the Hall of Fame: Drak.

- New match played vs: Renegade Knights.

- New match played vs: Angels of Fire.

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JA+ Client Plugin v.1.4 Build 4
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Council Recruiting
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Mod: JA+ 2.3 - Saber only

 #684 - Real Life Meeting, Day 4


  The Council real life meeting, celebrating 10 years as a clan, is going on at this very moment. Bayoon, Captain, Redeemer and Renegade showed up on Day 1 with plans of sticking the whole week. So far, Renegade has been superior in every activity held, winning both the Council Poker Tournament and the Council BlackJack Casino event on day 2. Later on day 3, when we all visited the amusement park Fårup Sommerland, Renegade ensured another success by winning the Council MiniGolf Tournament. Captain put up a good game, but failed miserably on a single hole which ruined his chances.
  Rumours say that Xirith is about to join in for a few days as of day 5.
  As an important notice, I think it's worth stating that Renegade hasn't been that dominant in our LAN gaming where the competition has been more even - so far counting games like Star Wars Galatic Battlegrounds, Worms Armageddon and Soldat with more to come.

Clan News
Posted on the
12/8 - 2013
By Bayoon

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 #683 - 10 Years - IRL Meeting


  Council recently turned 10 years old, which makes it a perfect time to arrange a real life meeting. I therefore decided to rent a summer cottage in Denmark in week 33 (9th of August to the 16th of August), for us all to meet up and have a good time.
  Any Council member is invited, and I hope to see as many of you guys as possible. I've rented the house - all you have to do is pay for the transport and some food. The meeting takes place near Løkken rather close to Aalborg where I live. If you guys can get to Aalborg, I can help you with the rest of the way.
  You are welcome to stay for as long or short as you want. If you are unable to show up the entire week, feel free just to pick a few days.
  Feel free to ask any questions.
  Happy birthday!

Clan News
Posted on the
31/3 - 2013
By Bayoon

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 #682 - Council Clan Race Results


  After a delayed start the clan race took place today and I would like to thank all the members who participated for showing and making this a very fun event.
  During the event it was also decided to go with a slightly different scoring system. Instead of one race, three took place, where each racer scored points for their position, with the highest points being declared the winner.
  This made for some exciting races which had members vying for first place every step of the way.
  The top three racers were:
  Ose in third place.
  Zed in second place.
  Socke in first place.
  Congratulations to all three racers and especially to Socke, the fastest in the universe!

Clan News
Posted on the
22/4 - 2012
By Redeemer

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 #681 - Council Clan Race


  I am happy to announce that the Council Clan Race event will be taking place on Sunday 22nd. This has always been a fun event for everyone to take part in and a great way to boost activity.
  The race will take place on the Boonta Eve map as per tradition,which can be found in the map download section of the website.
  As per usual the top 3 racers will recieve awards in their profile, with the winner also recieving the title of 'fastest in the universe'!
  Rules will be explained before the race takes place but feel free to ask any questions.

Clan News
Posted on the
13/4 - 2012
By Redeemer

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 #680 - Welcoming 3 new members


  Over the last two weeks, Council has decided to accept three applicants as members. Council gladly welcomes the new guys to the clan:
  Brega and Rex both joined the Jedi section. While Brega is still without a master, Rex will in the future be Socke's Padawan. DeathWing joined the Sith section and has quite unlikely become Rodiz' Apprentice.

Clan News
Posted on the
12/2 - 2012
By Bayoon

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 #679 - Updated JA+ Client Plugin


  Today, the latest version of the JA+ Client Plugin, which is 1.4 Build 4 currently, was added to our Download section.
  This happened due to the useful bug fixes it brings along, repairing some bugs which could drive people crazy sometimes.
  Slider got rid of the shaky screen when using vehicles, the random crashes after map changes and some more of that kind.
  I would strongly recommend everyone to download this and put it to the japlus folder which can be found in the Jedi Academy/GameData directory.

Clan News
Posted on the
9/2 - 2012
By Socke

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Redeemer - #1444

Our JKA game will be taking place on 16/02/14 at about 6gmt. Message me or someone else on either steam,skype or facebook for any info on servers or w/e.

Rewel - #1443

forgot to add in my last post, if anyone wants to add me on facebook, my profile is martin 'rew' faulkes as my msn no longer works for some reason

Rewel - #1442

previous post was from me lol

Wannabe - #1441

like the sound of that red got a new computer now so will defo be able to make it online

Redeemer - #1440

We will be organising a big game hopefully on jka/mb2 sometime in February when peoples exams are done. Will try and post it here but will be up on facebook and the steam group first.

Skull - #1439

very disappointed with the news activity

Captain - #1438

DEAD?! This clan will never die!

Wannabe - #1437

we're not dead! We just don't play much JKA anymore, contact us on steam if you want to play some games

Wannabe - #1436

R.I.P Council?

Xirith - #1435

Hello fellow Council members. I have now returned from my eternal sleep (Work and JKA not working! > ) Hope i'll see some of you very soon. Kind regards Xirith

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